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Free!! Everything Must Go!!
32 S. Homer Dr., the old Windover High School.

The following days ONLY:

  • Friday, Dec. 14th (4pm-7pm)
  • Saturday, Dec. 15th (9am-4pm)

Unfortunately Recycle-A-Bike must move out of it's current location and has been unable to find a new home and we have too much inventory! We would rather pass this stuff on to people that might use or need it before we have to scrap it. We have helmets, tires, tubes, wheels, cranks, seats, seat posts, brakes, cables, housing, shifters, handlebars, handlebar stems, fenders, cassettes, forks, bearings, brake pads, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Keep in mind that what we have is mostly used items in generally good condition, mostly of the older variety.

The remaining bikes we have are also available to take, but are not safe to ride without being checked by a bike mechanic first.