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Join TCC on-line and receive immediate web site access, and member benefits when you pay your membership fee by credit card. It's convenient, fast and secure.

You can also send your membership fee by check by completing the membership application and including it with your payment.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for membership fees and applications submitted by mail to be processed.


NOTE: In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, please do not attend group rides if you are feeling ill or might have been exposed to someone infected. Please don't attend any group rides for at least 14 days from the time symptoms cleared. Additionally, riders should exercise common sense social distancing measures to protect themselves prior, during, and post ride. Don't shake hands, share water bottles, pens, paper, etc. Each rider should have their own tools and parts necessary to make minor repairs or fix flats at all times to minimize exposure via sharing. Also keep the riding groups to 10 or less. If 15 riders show up, work with the group and split up so all 15 are not together in one paceline. While bike riding is considered an acceptable outdoor activity, be aware that drafting may increase the risk of transmission. Most importantly, COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and easily transmittable from your nose/mouth, spit, etc. If you need to blow your nose or spit, you must exit the paceline and proceed to the rear of the group before doing so. This will be strictly enforced and any riders not adhering to this will be asked to leave. No exceptions.

Riding on TCC rides is always your choice to participate, is voluntary, and at your own risk.

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All Riders

Riders old and new should review our Rider Guidelines before your first club ride each year.

Get a Michigan Trail Guide.

Rides and Events

Looking for events this year, check out the Events tab in Resources for rides around Michigan and the country, and our Calendar for club rides and events.

Unscheduled (Impromptu) rides

Many club rides are 'impromptu rides' and therefore do not show up on the club ride calendar. They are announced and scheduled through emails from the leader. Impromptu ride announcements are only available to active members. Join TCC and you will be able to receive those announcements, and also become a ride leader, and lead your own rides.

Community Involvement

Tri-City Cyclists is proud to cosponsor the DowTCC Bike MS team. The team has raised over $1.7 Million in the fight against multiple sclerosis since 1999. To learn more, visit the team's web site by clicking on the team logo.

Membership Rates

  1 yr 2 yr 3 yr
Junior $15 $25 $35
Individual $20 $35 $50
Family $25 $45 $65

All memberships renew on April 1 of each year. Membership extended one year for those that join between October and March. You can renew your memberships after March 1st.

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Mobile Website Users

There is a menu at the bottom of the screen. It has five icons that allow you to access all of the features of the full website. The first icon on the left allows access to the menu. The next icon (padlock) allows members to login. The next takes you to the full, non-mobile version of the website. The next icon allows printing of the current page view, if you have printing capabilities The last icon helps you make a bookmark in your mobile browser.

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Website Comments

Please use the Web Site Discussion forum in the Web category on the Forums page to submit comments and suggestions about the web site, or send an email to See the other forums and the News for the latest club information.

Tri-City Cyclists is a charitable organization exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Personal information usage: We take the privacy of our members seriously. To read our statement, and that of our website hosting company, click the 'Privacy' link below.